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Why Buckwheat Hulls?

Pillows and mattresses made of buckwheat hulls were used in ancient Japan, China and other East Asian countries. Even today these pillows are called traditional and are the most popular in Japan. The most luxurious hotel networks of Japan list “Sobagara” (it means “buckwheat hulls” in Japan) as the primary option of pillow choice.

The so-called “Sobagara” pillow becomes more and more popular in the Western world, Europe and America, where values of healthy lifestyle, ecology and naturalness are reviving.

Compared to ordinary pillows and mattresses, the buckwheat hull products have unique advantages:

  Breathable, do not induce sweating.

A concept "ZU-KAN-SOKU-NETSU" exists in Eastern medicine, which describes the healthiest state of body (“cool head and warm legs” in Japan). Warm head and cool extremity misbalance our system and cause insomnia, headaches, etc. 
Buckwheat hulls are firm and resistant to pressure. This is why air gaps in remain buckwheat pillow, and your head is always cool.

   Have positive therapeutic effect in many cases of illness.

 Sleeping on buckwheat hulls pillows reduces migraine headaches, because your head and neck muscles become more relaxed. Cases of snoring become less frequent or sometimes completely disappear (for more than half of customers) because air resistance in airway system is reduced as a better neck support is provided. Better and quicker relaxation also helps to cure insomnia.


Buckwheat hull products will serve you 10-15 years. Hulls do not break or wear off, and fray in some time, which makes sleeping on them even more comfortable – it crumbles more easily, and adjusts to your body lines. You might have to refill your pillow, because the fray buckwheat hulls lose about 7 percent of their volume (they stop losing their form through the years). So when you buy a new pillow, and pour out some of buckwheat hulls (as a rule, people tend to “lower” their new pillows), do not throw what you pour out, keep it for refilling.

   Do not cause allergy, because dust mites do not breed inside.

Buckwheat hulls reliably protect a corning buckwheat grain from pests; they are firm and not nutritive. So, undesired organisms do not breed in pillows and mattresses of buckwheat hulls.

   Adjust to head/body form, provides stable support and do not lose its form.

Buckwheat hull products adjust to your body form. Head and neck lean evenly against the pillow, and muscles relax more easily.

   Toughness (height) can be adjusted.

We all have different body constitutions, and we chose different heights of pillow. This pillow can be adjusted to your individual needs. You can pour off or fill in a part of buckwheat hulls after you undo the zip or a sticky strip..

   Help patients to avoid bedsore and relieve their treatment.

Bedsore is a local damage of skin, hypodermic and deeper tissues, which develops when insufficient oxygen supply for tissues in body parts under pressure causes blood circulation disturbances. Products made of buckwheat hull are perfect for bedsore prophylaxis and treatment because it is breathable and ensure sufficient blood circulation. We have specialised products for pelvis area and heel bedsore prophylaxis, the pillows protect occiput and will help other body parts. The products of our company are approved by the requirements of the European Directive 93/42/EEB and are CE certified.


Worry about scuffle?

Many people worry that their buckwheat hull pillows will scuffle and interrupt with their sleep. Buckwheat hulls scuffle by crumbling, i.e. until you find comfortable position when lying down. Children might even enjoy it, imagining that little dwarves are scratching and bringing them a sweet dream.



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